Corporate Car Rental

Travelling to another city?
Want to receive that major investor or is your company holding a conference; the need for good transport solutions is always there on the next corner. Nowadays with the increasing number of overseas and migratory employees, employers have started including transport facilities.
It has come to a clear knowledge that hiring a rental service is way much cheaper and easy to handle for a company than to manage their own fleet.
Hiring a corporate car rental helps in reducing expenditure and resources to maintain a number of cars or a transport system.

It gives flexibility

  • The benefit car rentals give you is that you can always tell in advance the need for your cars and accordingly forecast the requirement. This helps in managing the budget you spend on the rental. You can spend it according to your requirements.

Maintained and serviced cars

  • You are free of the worry of the maintenance and servicing of cars. You will always be provided with well maintained and serviced cars. You would not have to spend on maintaining the vehicles and that will help in cash flow. Neither will you have to see or hire people to see your scheduling; it will be the rental company's responsibility.

A vehicle for every requirement

  • The rental company makes sure you get the vehicle, according to your requirement, whether be an SUV or a no. of cars for a business excursion or even overseas rentals are taken care of by your service provider. You need not worry about the availability of the rental also. Metals can be done short and long terms.

Reduce your expenditure

The other ways apart from the seasonal requirement in which car rentals can help you in reducing the cost are:

  • Choosing the right and economic vehicle according to the need.
  • Rental services can be used by a number of people or employees.
  • No. of vehicles can be increased or decreased accordingly without spending more than required.

Inclusions of the package-

  • A well maintained cab
  • Toll charges
  • All driver expenses
  • Air conditioned cab
  • Parking charges
  • Courteous and experienced driver
  • Fuel charges

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