One-way cab

Travelling to another city?
Via taxi?
Is it a one-way trip? Then why are you paying for both way journey?
Well not anymore! At Rajputana Taxi we have brought you the benefit of one-way cab service.
It has always been the way of taxi services to charge fully for a journey back and forth. Regardless of how right it was then we have decided to change ways and offer not only the best but fair services to our customers.
One way cab service allows you to do a one-way travel trip and pay for that only rather than paying the full amount for the return journey as well.

It is not only beneficial for customers but also for us. We provide you with the service of a one-way cab and arrange another taxi booking in return accordingly. It is a better and more productive use of resources and energy.
One way cab service is beneficial for our customers as it saves a lot of expenses on your journeys. Not all trips are one-day trips or you are unsure of whether you will be returning or not in the immediate future so in that case, the one-way cab service comes in handy. We are also very transparent and open about the fares and provide a thorough breakout of your fares in advance.

If you were avoiding cab services because you indulge more in one-way trips now is the time to get back into the business and utilize all the benefits of hiring a taxi from your service and pay for only your part of the journey. Affordable services are provided by Rajputana Taxi for your one-way cab.
We offer 24/7 services to the customers. You are just a phone call away from booking your cab.
The best services and facilities are provided to customers. Clean, hygienic, and well-maintained cars are offered to customers.
Rajputana Taxi provides the most affordable fare options for your journey.
We have a tirade of options for cars and vehicles to choose from, according to your requirement and preference. We have sedans, minivans to even 12 seated vehicles. This helps me better management of your travel and also save on cash if you are travelling in large numbers.
We give instant booking through our various booking platforms and get back to our customers in record time. We make a booking on our website as well as through the phone.
We have courteous, respectful, and well trained experienced drivers who would ensure your travel follows without a glitch.

Why choose a one-way cab?

  • Do not want to travel by air or train?
  • Last-minute travel plans.
  • An adventure unplanned trip.
  • Want to travel alone with privacy.
  • Train or air ticket booking cancellations.
  • Not sure about your return journey.
  • Want a drop and pick up service.

We provide one-way ca service to almost all the states of the country.

What do we have to offer you?

  • Accessible- We are accessible 24/7 and you can book a cab anytime, anywhere.
  • Safety- In the current situation of being under the threat of COVID-19 Rajputana Taxi provides fully sanitized cars and sanitise the cars at regular interval too. We take the safety of our customer into full regard.
  • Responsible- We take responsibility for your schedule and your safety. We use safe and well-maintained cars. We have responsible and accredited drivers who will safely drive you to your destinations.
  • Affordability- Rajputana Taxi is known to give the best deals and service to customers. Our reviews and list of satisfied customers are proof of that.

How to book a taxi?

  • Visit our website and fill in your destination, time of departure, car requirement, and submit. Our representatives will get to you in the least time window.
    You can also call the number of our service to book a taxi and our call centre representative will guide you through your booking process.

Inclusions of the package-

  • A well-maintained cab
  • Toll charges
  • All driver expenses
  • Air-conditioned cab
  • Parking charges
  • Courteous and experienced driver
  • Fuel charges

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