Jaipur Sightseeing Taxi

Jaipur local Sightseeing by Rajputana Taxi

Jaipur Sightseeing Taxi

Jaipur local Sightseeing by Rajputana Taxi

Jaipur Sightseeing Taxi by Rajputana Taxi
Explore the vibrant city of Jaipur with our reliable Jaipur sightseeing taxi service. Rajputana Taxi offers a range of customized tours that allow you to witness the rich heritage, magnificent palaces, bustling markets, delectable food, and breathtaking sunsets of the Pink City. Sit back, relax, and let our experienced drivers take you on an unforgettable journey through the enchanting streets of Jaipur.

Jaipur City Tour: Immerse Yourself in History and Culture
Embark on a Jaipur city tour and delve into the fascinating history and culture of this majestic city. Visit the iconic Amber Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its impressive architecture and panoramic views. Explore the intricate designs of Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds), which once served as a viewing area for the royal ladies. Marvel at the astronomical wonders of Jantar Mantar, an observatory filled with ancient astronomical instruments. Our Jaipur City Tour Taxi ensures that you don't miss any of the city's renowned landmarks.

Jaipur Heritage Tour: Step into the Royal Past
Experience the grandeur of Jaipur's heritage on a guided heritage tour. Discover the opulent City Palace, which showcases a perfect blend of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture. Explore the picturesque Jal Mahal (Water Palace), located amidst the Man Sagar Lake. Visit the majestic Nahargarh Fort, perched on the Aravalli Hills, offering breathtaking views of the cityscape. With our Jaipur Heritage Tour by Rajputana Taxi, you can delve into the regal history of Jaipur and witness its architectural marvels.

Jaipur Palace Tour: Relish the Royal Splendor
Indulge in the royal charm of Jaipur with our Jaipur Palace Tour. Visit the magnificent Jaipur City Palace, the residence of the royal family and now a museum showcasing artifacts, costumes, and artworks. Explore the stunning Albert Hall Museum, a magnificent Indo-Saracenic architectural masterpiece. Immerse yourself in the architectural brilliance of the Jaigarh Fort, known for its extensive cannon collection. Our knowledgeable drivers will ensure you have an informative and enjoyable palace tour.

Jaipur Market Tour: Shop Till You Drop
Experience the vibrant markets of Jaipur on a market tour. Stroll through the bustling lanes of Johri Bazaar, famous for its exquisite jewelry and gemstones. Explore Bapu Bazaar and Nehru Bazaar, where you can find traditional textiles, handicrafts, and souvenirs. Don't forget to savor the flavors of local street food and traditional Rajasthani cuisine during your tour. Our Jaipur Market Tour by Rajputana Taxi allows you to shop for authentic Rajasthani treasures and savor the city's culinary delights.

Jaipur Sunset Tour: Witness the Magical Twilight
Capture the mesmerizing beauty of Jaipur's sunsets on a Jaipur Sunset Tour. Visit the enchanting Jal Mahal, set against the backdrop of the setting sun, and witness the colors of the sky reflected in the tranquil waters. Enjoy the breathtaking views from the Nahargarh Fort as the sun paints the city in golden hues. Our experienced drivers will take you to the perfect vantage points to witness the magical twilight moments of Jaipur.

Capture the essence of Jaipur with our Jaipur sightseeing taxi services. Whether you're interested in history, culture, shopping, or culinary delights, Rajputana Taxi ensures a comfortable and memorable experience. Contact us today to book your Jaipur sightseeing taxi and embark on an extraordinary journey through the Pink City.

Popular sightseeing spots
1. Exploring the City Palace
The City Palace is a magnificent complex that showcases a fusion of Rajput and Mughal architecture. With its intricately designed courtyards, palaces, and museums, it offers a glimpse into the royal heritage of Jaipur.

2. Visiting the Amer Fort
Situated atop a hill, the Amer Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage site and an architectural marvel. With its breathtaking views, intricate carvings, and enchanting light and sound show, it offers a truly immersive experience.

3. Experiencing Hawa Mahal
The iconic Hawa Mahal, also known as the "Palace of Winds," is a mesmerizing structure with its intricate latticework and honeycomb-like windows. This unique architectural marvel was built for the royal women to observe the bustling streets while maintaining their privacy.

4. Discovering Jantar Mantar
Jantar Mantar is an astronomical observatory built by Maharaja Jai Singh II. This UNESCO World Heritage site boasts a collection of astronomical instruments, including the world's largest stone sundial. Exploring Jantar Mantar allows visitors to delve into the scientific and astronomical achievements of the bygone era.

5. Strolling through Albert Hall Museum
The Albert Hall Museum is a treasure trove of art and artifacts. Located in the heart of Jaipur, this splendid museum houses a vast collection of paintings, sculptures, textiles, and historical artifacts. A leisurely stroll through its galleries offers a glimpse into Rajasthan's rich artistic heritage.

6. Shopping at Johari Bazaar
No visit to Jaipur is complete without indulging in some retail therapy at Johari Bazaar. Known for its exquisite jewelry, precious gemstones, and traditional Rajasthani attire, this bustling market offers a vibrant shopping experience. From intricate Kundan and Meenakari work to stunning handcrafted textiles, Johari Bazaar caters to every shopper's delight.

7. Enjoying local cuisine
Jaipur is a haven for food enthusiasts, and exploring its culinary delights is a must-do. From savory Rajasthani delicacies like Dal Baati Churma and Ghevar to mouthwatering street food such as Pyaaz Kachori and Mirchi Bada, Jaipur offers a tantalizing gastronomic experience. Don't forget to savor a refreshing glass of lassi or indulge in the famous Rajasthani thali.

8. Safety and convenience
When exploring a new city, safety and convenience are of paramount importance. By opting for a sightseeing taxi service like Rajputana Taxi, you can ensure a safe and hassle-free experience. Their well-maintained vehicles, professional drivers, and adherence to safety protocols guarantee peace of mind during your sightseeing adventure in Jaipur.

Jaipur, with its rich history, architectural wonders, and vibrant culture, captivates the hearts of visitors. By hiring a sightseeing taxi from Rajputana Taxi, you can make the most of your trip, exploring the city's iconic landmarks, immersing yourself in its traditions, and creating unforgettable memories. So, embark on a journey through the Pink City, and let its grandeur and charm leave you in awe.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Is it necessary to hire a sightseeing taxi in Jaipur?
While it's not mandatory, hiring a sightseeing taxi offers convenience, comfort, and the expertise of a local driver who can navigate the city efficiently and provide valuable insights.

How can I book a taxi with Rajputana Taxi?
Booking a taxi with Rajputana Taxi is simple. You can visit their website, call their helpline, or use their mobile app to make a reservation.

Are the drivers of Rajputana Taxi knowledgeable about Jaipur's history and attractions?
Yes, the drivers of Rajputana Taxi are well-informed about Jaipur's history, culture, and popular attractions. They can share interesting facts and stories during your sightseeing tour.

Can I customize my sightseeing itinerary with Rajputana Taxi?
Absolutely! Rajputana Taxi offers customizable sightseeing packages to suit your preferences. You can discuss your desired itinerary with their team, and they will tailor the tour accordingly.

Is Rajputana Taxi a reliable and trustworthy service?
Yes, Rajputana Taxi is highly regarded for its reliability and trustworthiness. They have a strong track record of providing excellent service and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Highlights of Jaipur Sightseeing tour
• Explore the unrealistic beauty of Forts of Jaipur including Amber Fort, Nahargarh Fort and Jaigarh Fort.
• Indulge into the photography sessions to capture the mesmerising beauty of Hawa Mahal.
• Go for a heritage walk in the pink city of Jaipur and traverse through the royal and traditional styled market.
• Quench your thirst for reminiscing the glory of Indian History at Albert Hall Museum and Jantar Mantar, Jaipur.

You can book from our packages like-
• Jaipur sightseeing by taxi
• Jaipur city tour by taxi
• Jaipur night tour by taxi (Amer Fort light & sound show or Chokhi Dhani)
• Same day excursions from Jaipur to Khatu Shyamji/Salasar Balaji, Ajmer/Pushkar, Abhaneri/Bhangarh etc.
• Or you can even Customize your Jaipur local sightseeing package.

Jaipur Local Sightseeing Taxi Fare

Starting Price Sedan for Local Sightseeing INR 1600 + Parking

Starting Price Innova for Local Sightseeing INR 2000 + Parking

Starting Price Innova Crysta for Local Sightseeing INR 2400 + Parking

Starting Price Tempo Traveler for Local Sightseeing INR 4500 + Parking

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Jaipur Local Sightseeing Tour Packages


Jaipur Local Sightseeing Tour Packages

Same Day Trips From Jaipur

Why not explore the remote locations near Jaipur and drive into some historic beauty. Avail our one-day tour services in Jaipur to Ajmer, Khatu Shyamji, Mehendi...

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Tempo Traveler in Jaipur

We provide Tempo Traveller in Jaipur for outstation & local trip, airport transfers,Weddings, conferences transportation etc. click below for more Details....

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Jaipur sightseeing taxi for two days

We provide Jaipur sightseeing tour for 2 days by cab.

Below are the prices mentioned:
  • AC Sedan @ INR 3,200 for 02 Days

  • AC Innova @ INR 4,500 for 02 Days

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Two Days Jaipur Bhangarh Bharatpur Sightseeing tour by car

Hire a cab for Jaipur, Bhangarh & Bharatpur sightseeing for 2 days.

Below are the prices mentioned:
  • AC Sedan @ INR 5000

  • AC Innova @ INR 6500

View More Book Now

Two Days Jaipur Ajmer Sightseeing tour by car

Hire a cab for Jaipur & Ajmer sightseeing for 2 days.

Below are the prices mentioned:
  • AC Sedan @ INR 5000

  • AC Innova @ INR 6500

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Two Days Jaipur Agra Sightseeing tour by car

Hire a cab for Jaipur & Agra sightseeing by taxi.

Below are the prices mentioned:
  • AC Sedan @ INR 6000

  • AC Innova @ INR 8000

View More Book Now

Jaigarh Nahargarh tour by car

Hire a cab in Jaipur for Jaigarh & Nahargarh trip.

Below are the prices mentioned:
  • AC Sedan cab @ INR 1200

  • AC Innova cab @ INR 1600

View More Book Now

Chokhi Dhani Tour by car

Chokhi Dhani is a well-known tourist attraction in Jaipur. The aim of the resort is to give tourists a full experience of Rajasthani culture. The entire resort's theme is inspired by a village setting, with many cultural activities held here. The unique experience draws visitors from all over the world.

Below are the prices mentioned:
  • AC Sedan @ INR 900

  • AC Innova @ INR 1200

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Jaipur to Abhaneri Taxi service

Visit Chand Baori with Bhangarh, the biggest step-well in world & most haunted place in Asia respectively which is at the drive of 2 hour & 100 km.

Below are the prices mentioned:
  • AC Sedan @ INR 9 per km

  • AC Innova @ INR 11 per km

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Amer City Tour

Amer is situated 11 km away in west direction form Jaipur city, once it was a separate city until the Jaipur was founded.

Below are the prices mentioned:
  • AC Sedan @ INR 1400 per day

  • AC Innova @ INR 1800 per day

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Night Tour Jaipur

Visit amazing points in Night Tour of Jaipur after 6 Pm such as: Chokhi Dhani, Amber Light & Sound Show with Jal Mahal, Night view of Hawa Mahal. Hire a cab for Night Tour of Jaipur at INR 900 by Sedan cab.

Below are the prices mentioned:
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Jaipur City Tour

Jaipur City tour by Car for 08 hrs /80 Km Cover Amer Fort, City Palace, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal and Jantar Mantar. you can Start your jaipur sightseeing tour around 09:00 AM to 05:00PM which is the best time to cover all these palces.

Below are the prices mentioned:
  • • 01 AC Sedan @ INR 1600 for 08 Hrs /80 Km

  • • 01 AC Innova @ INR 2200 for 08 Hrs /80 Km

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Jaipur Local Sightseeing Tour Packages


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